House of Today is a non-profit organization, committed to cultivating a sustainable design ecosystem in Lebanon, that transcends international borders. For over a decade, the organization’s overarching aim is to strengthen dialogues in the design world, expanding the reach of contemporary Lebanese designers and their creative processes, through mentoring and educating, curating collections and nurturing connections. 

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Biennale. Biennales provide our designers with international exposure, serving as a platform for them to express themselves, promoting diversity and creativity and providing an entry into the global contemporary art scene. 

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Delusional | david/nicolas

Fluid Encounter

Fluid Encounter | Flavie Audi


Ingrid | Jana Aridi

Neptune's Cups 01

Neptune's Cups 01 | Nada Rizk

Bodily Tables

Bodily Tables | Tamara Barrage

Zen Den

Zen Den | Layal Chacar

Anatomy Console

Anatomy Console | Roula Salamoun

Shifting Times

Shifting Times | Sibylle Tarazi

Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage | Salim Al Kadi

Aperitivo Bowls

Aperitivo Bowls | Alya Tannous


Ikebana | Elie Metni

Purse Mirror

Purse Mirror | Dima Haidar


MEG | Paola Sakr


Kahvalti | Studio Caramel

Aperitivo Jar & Glasses

Aperitivo Jar & Glasses | Alya Tannous

In continuation of a successful partnership with WallpaperSTORE* that began during the 2016 Biennale, The Shop will feature a combination of new commissioned exclusive objects by Lebanese designers and existing iconic WallpaperSTORE* objects by international designers.

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Blaze | Carla Baz

Stellar Flux

Stellar Flux | Flavie Audi

Chestnut Table

Chestnut Table | Georges Mohasseb


Fishawy | Khaled el Mays

Layered Fabrics

Layered Fabrics | Michel Abboud

Tavolo San Paolo desk

Tavolo San Paolo desk | Massimiliamo Locatelli


Rock | Najla El Zein

Gentlemen Tables

Gentlemen Tables | Sayar & Garibeh

Juggler Table

Juggler Table | Sayar & Garibeh

Cloak Chair

Cloak Chair | Anastasia Nysten

Survival Kit

Survival Kit | Celine & Tatiana Stephan

Re.define ; Re.cline

Re.define ; Re.cline | Snøhetta

Nomads Flasks

Nomads Flasks | Tara and Tessa Sakhi

Somewhere Under The Leaves

Somewhere Under The Leaves | Marc Dibeh

Coup de Coeur

Coup de Coeur | 200 Grs


Moonshine | Zeina Aboul-Hosn

Spinning Away from Tech

Spinning Away from Tech | booabbood

Sale Pepe

Sale Pepe | Georges Mohasseb

Crafted Concrete

Crafted Concrete | Nada Debs

Ruck-ed BUCKET

Ruck-ed BUCKET | Bokja

Neckline Flower Holder

Neckline Flower Holder | Ghaith & Jad

"Choux à la crème

"Choux à la crème | Rouba Mourtada

Office Stationaries

Office Stationaries | Stephanie Moussallem

Tête de Sel & My Distraction

Tête de Sel & My Distraction | Sayar & Garibeh


Moon | Thomas Trad


Haminals | Rabih Geha

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Vacancy Table

Vacancy Table | Celine Stephan

ISO A Table

ISO A Table | Christian Haas

Exposed Lighting

Exposed Lighting | Claude Missir

Alter Ego

Alter Ego | david/nicolas

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole | Dina Kamal

Upside Down

Upside Down | Fadi Mansour

Look Back

Look Back | Karim Chaya

Showdown Table

Showdown Table | Michelle & George Maria

Light Up My Fire Brasero

Light Up My Fire Brasero | Nada Zeineh

Second Skins Vases

Second Skins Vases | Tamara Barrage

Full Moon Vessels

Full Moon Vessels | Valentina Carretta

“De]ant” Bottles

“De]ant” Bottles | Vrouyr Joubanian

The Vault

The Vault | Marc Baroud


Hyde | Kamal Aoun

Sensorial Brushes

Sensorial Brushes | Najla El Zein

Smoking Naked

Smoking Naked | Nagib Tabbah

Divina and Fly Me To The Moon - jewelry

Divina and Fly Me To The Moon - jewelry | Noor Fares

Kiss Extinguisher and Night Bottle Nibbles

Kiss Extinguisher and Night Bottle Nibbles | Wyssem Nochi

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole | Dina Kamal

Exposed Valet

Exposed Valet | Claude Missir

Exposed Mirror

Exposed Mirror | Claude Missir


Boule | Carlo Massoud

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.” | Tala Hajjar

“Ma Grenade à Moi"

“Ma Grenade à Moi" | Rabih Keyrouz

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Confession Apparatus

Confession Apparatus | Fadi Mansour

Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns | Fadi Mansour

Hang Me

Hang Me | Carlo Massoud

Flesh Toys

Flesh Toys | Marc Baroud


"Whispers" | Nathalie Khayat