House of Today is a non-profit organization, committed to cultivating a sustainable design ecosystem in Lebanon, that transcends international borders. For over a decade, the organization’s overarching aim is to strengthen dialogues in the design world, expanding the reach of contemporary Lebanese designers and their creative processes, through mentoring and educating, curating collections and nurturing connections. 

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Galleries & Stores. Globally, reputable galleries and stores are scouted, to showcase the works of our designers to diverse audiences, enhancing exposure opportunities and increasing the purchases of exclusive creative collections.

The collaboration with R & Company, the New York based gallery, and a longstanding supporter of the Lebanese designer community, culminates in a solo presentation by the talented designers Sayar & Garibeh.

‘Broomlithic’ brings together two ideas of interest for Sayar & Garibeh: The Lithic stage in human development, which saw an increase in the creation and use of stone tools to establish a more settled and less nomadic lifestyle, and the broom, a humble but effective object that in many cultures also represents the experience of renewal.

The works featured in the show unite references to these seemingly disparate ideas to new, unexpected results. Blocks of white, Lebanese stone are transformed into softly formed tables, benches, chairs, and other objects, with gentle curves and textured surfaces balanced by the weight of the stone.

The works are further accented by fiber components that suggest the bristles of the broom, adding a compelling layer of whimsy and a sense of domesticity. Sayer & Garibeh’s approach highlights the power and beauty of stonework, while also communicating a light, optimistic, and humorous spirit.

This milestone reaffirms House of Today’s pivotal role as the facilitator of linkages between Lebanese designers and ceramists, and globally acclaimed galleries, museums, and foundations.

This Autumn, leading online marketplace, Invisible Collection, is proud to welcome House of Today to their London gallery. A non-profit organisation whose mission is to expand the reach of Lebanese designers beyond local and regional audiences, House of Today together with Invisible Collection will showcase a carefully curated selection of their designers work, a true display of the diversity, creativity and excellence of Lebanese design. 

House of Today’s talents possess unique skills and a deep passion for their cras, but for them to thrive and for their creations to have a global reach, a stage is needed, where their intrinsic value can be framed, celebrated and appreciated. Invisible Collection’s collaboration with House of Today is a clear testament of the state-of-the-art’s commitment to championing emerging talent. Opening the doors of their beautiful London galerie space, the exhibition, coinciding with PAD and Frieze London, will provide an opportunity to showcase these chosen designers to an international audience.

A thought provoking installation that captivates and inspires, the showcase will present work from designers David & Nichols and Stephanie Moussallem, as well as pieces from ceramists Hala Matta and Souraya Haddad, and creations from architects and designers Fadi Yachoui and Roula Salmaoun. Highlighting Invisible Collection’s forward vision and House of Today’s essential role, the partnership is an admirable example of the two platforms mutually benefitting from a very special creative synergy. 

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The Broom Bench

The Broom Bench | Sayar & Garibeh

Baby Boy

Baby Boy | Sayar & Garibeh

Foam Cushions

Foam Cushions | Sayar & Garibeh

Explosion Stool

Explosion Stool | Sayar & Garibeh

Shapes and Shades

Shapes and Shades | Hala Matta

Platform C

Platform C | Karen Chekerdjian

The Counter

The Counter | Stephanie Moussallem

Two esteemed New York galleries, Lehmann Maupin and R & Company, have joined forces with House of Today to curate a pop-up exhibition. This exhibition fosters an open-ended dialogue between art and design, established and emerging talent, vintage and contemporary pieces, and the fusion of East and West. It takes place in a spacious, well-lit venue with panoramic views of the Colorado landscape.

Lehmann Maupin director Sarah Calodney, House of Today founder Cherine Magrabi, and R & Company founders and principals Evan Snyderman and Zesty Meyers collaborated to curate this exhibition. Their collective efforts breathe life into the work presented by the selected artists and designers. The exhibition is guided by two key principles: providing support to the artistic community during these challenging times, including showcasing work created during lockdown, and offering collectors and audiences the chance to experience the indescribable feeling of encountering artists' work in person.

Shop the objects

Shop the objects

“De]ant” Bottles

“De]ant” Bottles | Vrouyr Joubanian

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Shop the objects

Purse Mirror

Purse Mirror | Dima Haidar


Ikebana | Elie Metni

Zen Den

Zen Den | Layal Chacar


Kahvalti | Studio Caramel


MEG | Paola Sakr

Aperitivo Bowls

Aperitivo Bowls | Alya Tannous

Aperitivo Jar & Glasses

Aperitivo Jar & Glasses | Alya Tannous

Neptune's Cups 01

Neptune's Cups 01 | Nada Rizk

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By accepting House of Today's invitation to have them collaborate with Lebanese designers, the respective founders of R & Company and House of Today are pushing boundaries even further both literally and figuratively COMPANY «We are thrilled to collaborate with House of Today We are longtime fans of the program and admire their mission of promoting and supporting Lebanese designers. The idea for this project to place together American and Lebanese artists is a great opportunity to merge together two different cultures. We are excited to have our artists The Haas Brothers, Katie Stout and Rogan Gregory create unique works that explore new concepts.» EVAN SNYDERMAN, co-founder

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Saudade.Komorebi | Lina Shamma

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Ruck-ed BUCKET

Ruck-ed BUCKET | Bokja

Spinning Away from Tech

Spinning Away from Tech | booabbood


Boule | Carlo Massoud

Sale Pepe

Sale Pepe | Georges Mohasseb

Neckline Flower Holder

Neckline Flower Holder | Ghaith & Jad

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.” | Tala Hajjar


Moon | Thomas Trad

Kiss Extinguisher and Night Bottle Nibbles

Kiss Extinguisher and Night Bottle Nibbles | Wyssem Nochi

Coup de Coeur

Coup de Coeur | 200 Grs

Crafted Concrete

Crafted Concrete | Nada Debs

Tête de Sel & My Distraction

Tête de Sel & My Distraction | Sayar & Garibeh

An Ode to Scandinavia

An Ode to Scandinavia | Nour Al Nimer

“De]ant” Bottles

“De]ant” Bottles | Vrouyr Joubanian


Hyde | Kamal Aoun


Haminals | Rabih Geha

"Choux à la crème

"Choux à la crème | Rouba Mourtada

Office Stationaries

Office Stationaries | Stephanie Moussallem


Moonshine | Zeina Aboul-Hosn

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Hyde | Kamal Aoun

The Vault

The Vault | Marc Baroud

“De]ant” Bottles

“De]ant” Bottles | Vrouyr Joubanian

Full Moon Vessels

Full Moon Vessels | Valentina Carretta

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“I'll show you mine if you show me yours.” | Tala Hajjar


Boule | Carlo Massoud

Vacancy Table

Vacancy Table | Celine Stephan

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Flesh Toys

Flesh Toys | Marc Baroud