In addition to the exhibition, in 2016 House of Today launched The SHOP, an offering of home and office products in collaboration with  WallpaperSTORE* and guest curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. This special collaboration between 3 partners outlines their joint commitment to nurture and showcase internationally the strong design talents found in Lebanon.
The exhibition shop features a combination of new commissioned objects to Lebanese designers and existing iconic WallpaperSTORE* objects from international designers. Following the exhibition shop at Le Yacht Club Beirut, the new objects will permanently be part of the WallpaperSTORE* and available for online purchase worldwide.

Paola Sakr

Paola Sakr is a Beirut-based designer with a passion for photography and art. She started her own studio after graduating with honors from l'Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts with a Product Design bachelor.
In parallel, she worked as a product designer at PsLab before deciding to focus solely on her projects.
Her work was exhibited during Beirut Design Week 2016 and 2017 as well as Beirut Design Fair’s first edition in 2017. She also exhibited in Dubai Design Week 2016, Milan Design Week 2018 and in Amsterdam in 2016. Her first Gallery show was for Joy Mardini Design Gallery, for whom she developed her first furniture collection in March 2018.
Paola was also selected by Maison&Objet for their Rising Talent Awards that will be held in September 2018.
In her own words, she likes to think of her work as “little stories from different times. I see it as a selfless, ongoing collaboration with the world as I am never the recipient of the intention in my projects.”
There’s always the purpose of bringing a little something to the world, always trying to do a little good: whether it is environmental, social or simply something for the soul.
Being very passionate about research and experimentation, she believes in constant innovation and simplicity.

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