In addition to the exhibition, in 2016 House of Today launched The SHOP, an offering of home and office products in collaboration with  WallpaperSTORE* and guest curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. This special collaboration between 3 partners outlines their joint commitment to nurture and showcase internationally the strong design talents found in Lebanon.
The exhibition shop features a combination of new commissioned objects to Lebanese designers and existing iconic WallpaperSTORE* objects from international designers. Following the exhibition shop at Le Yacht Club Beirut, the new objects will permanently be part of the WallpaperSTORE* and available for online purchase worldwide.

Alya Tannous

Born in London, Syro-Lebanese and adopted Parisian, everything arranged Alya Tannous to work in the creation or the fashion but it is of the blown glass that she made her specialty.
Fascinated by this material, she has been transforming and deforming her for over 10 years to create her collections, constantly pushing back the limits of grace and sublimating the moments of conviviality with objects conceived as works of art.
After studying theater and literature at Queens Mary University in London, Alya joined the Christian Lacroix Haute Couture House in Paris alongside Marie Martinez. Then will follow years of collaboration within teams of the public relations office Pia de Brantes.
But it is by following his mother, Lina Tannous, famous interior designer, during a trip to Egypt to create blown glasses that this passion will be imposed on her. And then, she will have only one obsession, that of expressing her idea of elegance, to sublimate a sleepy craft and especially to bring together the people she loves around tables staged as real pieces theater, reminiscent of his first vocation mingled with the art of living of his Levantine roots.
2009 will mark the big jump with her return to Beirut where she opens her shop, Interiors by Alya Tannous, dedicated to the art of the table.
Since then, she has been making us dream and her collections are now distributed in many stores in Paris, Beirut and London. She collaborates very regularly with art galleries and also organizes many events.
In 2017, one of his models is chosen by the prestigious Maison Christian Dior to complete their collection of tableware. Back to Paris. The circle is complete. From the breath and the sand, she knows how to radiate her vision of "receiving well" impressed with delicacy and modernity.

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