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Coup De Coeur


1- 780Grs -square inlay: 26x25cm, 1cm height.
2- 987Grs half-moon inlay: 32x27x1cm, 1cm height.
3- 1057Grs -rectangular inlay: 31x29cm, 1cm height.
4. 1135Grs -parallelepiped inlay: 32x28cm, 1cm height.
5. 1089Grs- full moon inlay: 32x27cm, 1cm height.
6. 1340Grs triangular inlay: 39x31cm, 1cm height.


Please refrain from soaking any of these products. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe its surface.

Coup De Coeur

by 200 Grs, showcased in Jungle Protocol 2016

780Grs, 987Grs ,1057Grs, 1135Grs, 1089Grs and 1340Grs

Made from sand-cast aluminium, each “coup de coeur” is manually moulded and embellished with a brass geometric inlay or Stainless Steel by local artisans; a traditional process that returns individually unique pieces. The aluminium is light and remains moderate to the touch.
The beveled rim enables the “coup de coeur to be easily lifted, while appearing to float gently on the tabletop. The pebble shape invites playful, dynamic, and fluid arrangement as a center piece in anticipation of the fruits that they can carry.

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