In addition to the exhibition, in 2016 House of Today launched The SHOP, an offering of home and office products in collaboration with  WallpaperSTORE* and guest curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. This special collaboration between 3 partners outlines their joint commitment to nurture and showcase internationally the strong design talents found in Lebanon.
The exhibition shop features a combination of new commissioned objects to Lebanese designers and existing iconic WallpaperSTORE* objects from international designers. Following the exhibition shop at Le Yacht Club Beirut, the new objects will permanently be part of the WallpaperSTORE* and available for online purchase worldwide.

200 Grs

Pascal Hachem & Rana Haddad

Their shared fascination with the city as object, an urban-scale installation, and an industrial design project led Rana Haddad & Pascal Hachem to co-found “200Grs.” in 2013. The studio’s bespoke pieces bring into play the craftsmanship and artisanal skill on offer locally in Lebanon. Their vision involves challenging constraints and adapting existing know-how as a way to positively fuel, propel, and keep alive their city, Beirut.
200 Grs. has received international acclaim and demand since early 2016, being featured across various platforms and design scenes:
- ‘200 Grs’ objects were part of SEEDS London Gallery’s first season. London UK,
- The studio was invited to take part in New York Design Week, and contributed to both Wanted Design Brooklyn, and Wanted Design Manhattan. New York USA.
- Featured in an article in Modern Magazine; “Less is always more for Beirut’s 200 Grs,” a studio tour by Shanks Moreno. Fall 2015, New York USA and in
- Living Magazine, design tour,” Beirut da scoprire” by Valentina Ciuffi, Italy. 
Most recently featuring in an article for the New York Times designers-special edition; “A Creative Flowering in Beirut, Is it ‘borderline danger, borderline madness?’” by Rima Suqi. October 6, 2016, New York USA.

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