Sayar & Garibeh

Stephanie Sayar and Charbel Gharibeh are Lebanese based designers.
Living between Beirut and Germany, they both had the chance to assist in several workshops and to work and experiment with local and German craftsmen.
Selected to be Part of Starch team 2016.
They work together as a team where each one has his/her own touch and thoughts combined together to create nostalgic and dreamy pieces.
Their approach to design encompasses their personal vision of experimental designs with a dash of humor using new materials and forms.
They recently opened their studio Sayar & Garibeh, in Beirut, after developing their product design skills and exhibiting their work at a number of international fairs such as Milan, Paris, Beirut and Dubai.
Their work had been selected in 2015 and 2016 as best of Milan design week and highlighted as best of Maison et Objet Paris 2015.
After having met over 12 years ago in college, the two later went on to complete Master’s degrees in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese University. It was only three years after graduation that they realized the necessity of designing together to produce the best work.
"Working together is always fun, and while communication is one of the main elements in our method, we can't hide the fact that it sometimes gets messy, but it's all part of the ride... We tried to work separately a few times [in the beginning] but we always ended up realizing that there was something missing."

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