Stephanie Moussallem

The Beirut born and based Lebanese designer Stéphanie Moussallem undertook her studies in interior architecture and graduated in July 2011 with a Master’s degree in product design, she was quickly noticed by the owner of one of the most prestigious design and production company in the middle-east. During the 4 years spent there, she built a great experience and knowledge in production, execution and luxurious detailing.

In 2015 she launches, Stéphanie Moussallem Design Studio bringing distinct high-end collectible furniture and product designs from Beirut to the World.

Stéphanie Moussallem, the creative behind the eponymous multidisciplinary interior, product and furniture design studio, believes her final products must be functional and enjoyable in addition to aesthetical. 

When designing, she thinks like a user, working intimately with noble materials, testing new and sometimes forgotten Mediterranean artisanal techniques to evolve and even disrupt design archetypes. The end products are distinct, mostly handmade pieces with luxurious finishing and details. 

Luxury for Moussallem, however, is not about decadence, but about practicality, quality and timelessness: “Luxury in design is when a work is simple, elegant and ageless.

Stéphanie Moussallem Design Studio is testament to her design range, the Studio’s work has been exhibited at various design shows in Paris, Milan and Beirut, including: La Fiera di Milano, Salone Satellite, Varenna - Poliform Milano, Starch, SMO Gallery, House of Today, OTC Editions, Joy Mardini Design Gallery, Le BON MARCHE Rive Gauche - Paris, WallpaperSTORE* and many more.

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