Sibylle Tarazi

Sibylle Tarazi is a designer and aesthete based in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Raised in Beirut, Paris and Rome, she graduated in Graphic design and Fine arts from the American University of Beirut in 2002 and with a Master’s degree in Accessories design specializing in jewellery from Milan’s Domus Academy in 2007. 

Born to a family of archaeologists, designers and craftsmen specializing in Middle Eastern art, Sibylle was inevitably immersed in a stimulating historical and contemporary art milieu which clearly stands out in her art. 

Conscious that fulfilling a role in tune with her background could play for or against her own artistic aspirations, she spent much of her life working towards distinguishing herself and developing her own unique style. 

During her frequent travels to Europe, visiting ateliers, museums and galleries in search of inspiration she resolved to achieve a collection of pieces that would be dreamed of and coveted: “I knew I wanted to do something very special, very different, very exclusive, something that would create links between the past, present and future.”

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