Nadine Hajjar

Nadine Hajjar is a Lebanese designer and wood artist based in Montreal, Canada. Trained in Beirut as an interior architect at the Lebanese American University, she decided to specialize in furniture and industrial design by enrolling in, and obtaining, a Master degree at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. To satisfy even more her thirst for creation and more crucially for production, she decided she wanted to be closer to the material itself. Wood. She studied cabinetmaking for 3 years in Montreal at the École d’Ébénisterie d’Art de Montréal. 

Nadine founded Nadine Hajjar Studio in 2014, and since then, she has been developing her own collection of furniture, lighting and objects. It is only through carving wood and witnessing as objects take shape within her own hands that she felt complete as a designer and a sculptor. 
Every object she brings to life tells a story. She infuses her work with lyricism and her definition of humor, making them bold and useful story books one can read in any direction through organic, clean and mostly, gentle lines and curves. While being experimental with a retro influence, her work imagines certain poetry.

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