Nada Zeineh

An architect by training, Nada Zeineh has lived and worked in Paris where she specialized in museography.

Back to Lebanon she works on several architectural projects like the Soap Museum in
Saida and the rehabilitation of the Archaeological Museum of the American University
of Beirut (AUB).
In parallel, since 1987, she has designed and created jewelry in various materials such as terracotta gilded with gold leaf or brass wires and sheets woven, twisted, hammered and dipped in gold.
In 2004 she opened her showroom and launched her label Nounzein, dedicating herself exclusively to jewelry and to small objects such as mobiles, stabiles, lighting elements and tables.
In 2012, she presents "Pathways" a retrospective of her work at the Beirut Art Center.

Her work is inspired by the abstract geometric forms inherent to her training as an architect, and by the nature and the old civilizations of the Middle East.
For her, every piece is a project in itself, a project born from a dream, a souvenir, a “collective memory” that she reinterprets in order to create simple, light, playful and timeless pieces.

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