Lea Rosa Kirdikian

Lea Kirdikian hates writing about herself in the third person. She does so only time to time to get strangers to momentarily glimpse into her existence on earth in a standardized way… which is quite ironic, seeing as she tries her best to stay away from standard rules. What she does in life is product design. Getting inspired from the anything and everything of life’s blundered designs and ready-mades, she thrives to break rules and fix the many errors of our daily system through simple ideas and natural materials. After completing her Master’s degree at ALBA, and after having failed at adapting herself to 9 to 5 jobs and their atmospheres, Lea decided it was best to start something small of her own. She then launched a very humble collaboration alongside her partner called Junk Munkez, aimed at teaching children the basic elements of design through reutilized and scrapped materials. She freelances with interior design projects now and again, all whilst continuing to integrate recycled materials as to reduce her carbon footprint as well as others. She partook in several local and international exhibitions of which Fiera di Milano at the Salone Satellite. Her products have been featured and published in a number of magazines in languages she understands and some that she doesn’t. One day she wishes not have to write bio’s of herself and have to have designed something grand enough to have people wiki her instead.

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