Khaled El Mays

Khaled el mays was born in Lebanon, earned a degree in architecture from the American university of Beirut and an MFA in digital arts from Pratt institute in new york.
His work tackles multiplicity and repetition, it is always process based mutations, and the outcome is always an instance of purity and balance extracted from pools of visual data.
In 2013, khaled launched his debut collection, RHIZOMES, which was published by major design publications in the MENA, since then his work has been exhibited in influential cities around the world.
He is the founder of Atelier Khaled El Mays, which is a Mutli-­‚Äźdisciplinary design studio that focuses on Furniture Design, Interior Architecture and Graphics in Space.
The studio splits effort between two worlds of manufacturing, One, is community conscious, khaled’s designs get produced with an array of local craftsman in the bekaa valley, the process is very organic and the pieces moves between local artisans ;owners of their workshops; in order to get the job done. This allows these businesses to grow or maintain their structures, also learn new tricks within the process.
The second one is luxury conscious process, where the designs are manufactured with the best suppliers available in the market; the pieces go through a formal production process using the noblest materials.
Khaled is also a lecturer and design instructor in the Lebanese university as of 2014.

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