Jana Aridi

Jana Aridi is a Lebanese architect and designer. She received her architecture degree from the American University of Beirut in 2013, and in 2017, she completed her Masters in Product Design from Domus Academy in Milan. 

Jana has always been fascinated with the handmade, the customized and the personal. Her designs, much like her architecture, are thoughtful, straightforward and raw, always true to the material used and the story they want to tell.

She uses different forms of expression to give life to her projects from simple watercolors, to paintings in powerful acrylic. Most recently she immersed herself in the art of hand-carving wooden spoons. Her most recent work is a collaboration with architect Karim Nader at the Art of Dining, an event by AD Middle East, where she showcased a limited edition set of unique hand-carved wooden spoons that each represents a different shape and function. 

Jana believes that design should enhance the human experience. Design has the power to change people’s lives, both functionally and emotionally. Her aim is to make people interact with her designs, to make them happy, and to even to make them dream. 

That is the role that she tries to accomplish as a human being and designer.

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