Flavie Audi

Flavie Audi is a French-born, Lebanese artist working in London.

Born in Paris in 1986, Audi moved to London in 2004, and graduated from the Architectural Association in 2010. She went on to complete her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Arts in 2014, where she specialised in ceramics and glass.

Audi combines digital technology and both traditional and new glass-making techniques, working with highly skilled craftsmen to carry out her distinctive designs. During the making process, Audi embraces accidents and new discoveries, which then become an integral part of her work. Audi melts glass and precious metals together to create colour through the resulting chemical reactions. The shapes are not formed by blowing air into the glass, but rather by vacuuming the air out, thereby reversing the traditional, age-old technique of glass-blowing that can be traced back to the Phoenicians in 1st century BC and the Roman Empire. Adding metal oxides to create unusual coloured glass, as Audi often does, is an even more ancient custom; during the late Bronze age in Egypt–  around 1500 BC – there was rapid growth in glass making technology. Craftsman would wind thin threads of glass with admixtures of oxides which could then be drawn into the glass using metal raking tools.

Flavie has quickly become known for her ethereal, hand-blown glass creations. Her works have been widely exhibited in the UK and US, most recently in 2016 at David Gill Gallery, London, and alongside Ai Weiwei’s sculptures at Venus Over Manhattan, New York, in 2014.

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