the Awarded students of house of today scholarship program 2021


House of Today Scholarship Program is awarded to students ordinarily resident in Lebanon who display an exceptional talent in design and whose development as a designer would most benefit from a graduate or postgraduate study at a respectable university in Lebanon or abroad.

House of Today Scholarship Program aims to assist the most promising students to overcome financial constraints and to give them a platform to develop to their full potential.

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Conditions & Criteria

To be eligible for a House of Today Scholarship, applicants must:
  1. Be between 17 and 34  years old
  2. Hold the Lebanese nationality
  3. Be accepted or currently applying for a place to a full-time graduate Program for the 2021/2022 academic year
Terms of the House of Today Scholarship
One to two Scholarships are available for Lebanese students ordinarily resident in the country.
The Scholarship will be paid directly to the University’s Tuition Fees account.
Applicants must enroll for their program in the same academic year for which they have applied for funding. If any applicant is unable to do this for any reason, the Scholarship will be withdrawn.

Requirements for the House of Today Scholarship holder
If you are awarded the scholarship, you are committed to the following and House of Today reserves the right to revoke scholarships if situations mentioned below are not met.
  1. House of Today Scholarship holder is expected to attend all timetabled classes and tutorials, excepting periods of absence due to illness. Attendance will be monitored, and any student with an unacceptable attendance record may risk the termination of their Scholarship.
  2. Scholarship holders are also expected to attend a small number of College and University events promoting scholarship support to potential donors, and to meet scholarship supporters at these events, during - and wherever convenient - after completing their course.
  3. You need to provide complete and correct information
  4. Maintain good academic standing
  5. Have respectful attitude
  6. Students who receive a scholarship from HoT are encouraged to participate in a giveback agreement meant to allow HoT to continue providing opportunities to future students. The details of the agreement are to be agreed upon between the student and HoT.
  7. You must also inform House of Today if you:
    • change your name, phone number;
    • change your university, college or course;
    • change your home, term-time or parental address;
    • know that the start or end dates of your course have changed; don’t begin to study, leave your course or are expelled;
    • are absent from your course for more than 60 days because of illness;
    • are absent for a period for any reason other than illness;
    • get married;
    • plan to leave the country
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