House of Today aims to provide design students with opportunities that will allow them to develop their dreams and passion, promoting excellence and heightening the level of design in Lebanon.

Faced with a number of hurdles, students in Lebanon find it challenging to pursue a credible career in design. Students must deal with high costs, weak networks, lack of professional guidance, and limited career opportunities, making it a very unfavorable career choice.

House of Today has developed a number of opportunities aimed at alleviating potential difficulties and developing the country’s design culture.



Besides the high costs, students wishing to pursue an education in product design are faced with limited programs in Lebanon. As a result, many talented students opt out of pursuing a product design curriculum. Those that choose to continue an education in the field must look into programs abroad and the high costs that come along.

House of Today is fully aware of these limitations and has created a scholarship program to allow talented students with financial constraints to get the opportunity to study at the best local and international schools. HoT aims to provide the guidance and the financial support needed to empower students to fully develop their skills.

The scholarship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in Product Design.

For more information, view the Conditions & Criteria.



House of Today aims to bridge the gap between recent product design graduates and leading companies in need of their skills, alleviating the hardships that students face while looking for internships.

HoT has identified a number of international companies and firms that are interested in providing students with design internships in their institutions.

These internship opportunities are created to allow students to apply the skills they have learned in university in some of the world’s most prestigious firms. HoT’s strong network will expand possibilities for eager students looking to develop and perfect their skills.

HoT also connects qualified candidates with renowned companies in order to provide access to job opportunities, when available. In doing so, HoT aims to completely close the gap between design students and their career goals.


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